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Temping is our forte.  Let us put our experience to work for you; your patients will thank you.

Amy Secker, RDH, Founder
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About Healthy Smiles by Temps
We are a group of local dental professionals that aim to keep your practice running smoothly, even when a valued staff member is away.  Any trained professional can provide patient care, but not every professional can jump into your practice at the last minute and smoothly proceed through the day of patients.  Temping is our passion; that's why we are the best!  Accept nothing less than the best.

Committed to winning your patients' smiles.
The professionals are all independent service providers that value the endorsement  and connections of Healthy Smiles by Temps.  If this is your first time to use our services, please contact Amy for the fee schedule and other pertinent information.  We would like to gather information regarding your practice so the hygienists can be most prepared when they arrive.  Most offices choose to add the dental professional onto their payroll for easy record keeping. The hourly rates are set on your payment preference.   

*Paying the hygienist as a contract laborer will reflect a slight increased hourly rate and is not recommended, for your sake, due to the IRS definition of an employee.

I am currently fulfilling my dream of entrepreneuring a dental temp service and continuing to providing excellent patient care in one of the best dental offices in the region.

I attended NDSCS where I received my education in Dental Hygiene. From 2010-2012, I enjoyed filling in for over 15 offices in the area.  Temping was perfect for me and I feel it is a great way to start a dental career.  I loved making connections with all the different office in the area and meeting their wonderful staff and patients. Each office taught me new perspectives on dentistry.  I truly enjoyed the variety of experiences I faced each week.

It is my ambition to share my connections with anyone who is interested in pursuing a dental career through temp work.  I do not wish to have employees, but rather to help connect valuable, hardworking hygienist and assistants to successful dental office. Many offices appreciated the website convenience so I have chosen to continue its availability!
​I feel confident saying that everyone I have worked for has been very pleased with my flexibility & adaptability, along with my exceptional work ethic.  This is the same standard that you can anticipate from the dental professionals associated with Healthy Smiles by Temps.

Healthy Smiles by Temps' primary goal is to provide the wonderful opportunity for exceptional dental hygienists and assistants to connect with dental practices in need of temporary employment assistance.  After successfully running my own temping business for two years, I have decided to pursue a greater adventure by adding members to the team! Previously known as Healthy Smiles by Amy, we are now known as Healthy Smiles by Temps.  In the future, I anticipate providing temporary services throughout all of North Dakota and parts of Minnesota, Montana & South Dakota.
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